It's [C]hard to tell If this [E]ship has sailed But [Am]maybe You felt the [Gm]same as [C]well The [F]smell of summer and [Em]clementines There [Dm]you are You're the perfect [G]rhyme So [C]many nights Took me [E]back to when Those [Am]kids They were just a[Gm]round the [C]bend Our [F]hearts are scattering with the [Em]dandelions So [Dm]maybe I'll [G]see you again[G]~ It's [C]quite alright We're just [E]all a little sorry No [Am]worries 'Cuz you are the [Gm]same as [C]me I've [F]fought my battles I've [Em]done my time But I [Dm]need you I can't [G]leave you behind Oh it's [C]hard to say When you [E]look at me that way But [Am]maybe I'll see you [Gm]around the [C]bend Oh [F]if I could just [Em]Have another chance Then [Dm]maybe I'll [G]see you again[G]~ [C] [E] [Am] [Gm] [C] [F] [Em] [Dm] [G] [C] {title:See You Again} {artist:窦靖童} {author:艹豕生} {define: Gm frets 3 5 5 3 3 3 fingers 1 3 4 1 1 1}