[Cm]Just one last [G]dance Oh baby [Cm]Just one last [G]dance Oh ~~ {comment: 主歌A} [Am] We meetin the night in the Spanish ca[G]fe I lookin your eyes just dont know what to [F]say It [F]feels like I'm drowning in [E]salty water [Am] A few hours left 'til the sun's gonna [G]rise tomorrow will come and it's time to rea[F]lize our love has finished for[E]ever how I [Am]wish to come withyou how I [G]wish we make it through {comment: 副歌B} Just one last [Cm]dance before we say good[Bb]bye when we sway and turn a[Ab]round and round and round it's like the [G7]first time Just one more [Cm]chance hold me [Fm]tight and keep me [Bb]warm cause the [G]night is getting [Ab]cold and I don't [Bb]know where I be[G]long [Cm]Just o[Bb]ne last [G]dance {comment: 主歌A} [Am] The wine and the lights and the Spanish gui[G]tar I'll never forget how romantic they [F]are but I know, tomorrow I'll [E]lose the one I love There's no [Am]way to come with you it's the [G]only thing to do {title:Just One Last Dance} {artist:Sarah Connor} {author:左鹏}
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