{meta: 原调: 1=D} {meta: 选调: 1=C} {meta: Capo=2} {comment: 节奏型} {rhythm: (14 3) (2 1) (~ 3) (2 1) | (d u) (o u) (d u) (o u)} {comment: 主歌 A} In the [A]high [D6]life [A]I've got this [D]feeling now [E] I've got this [D]horrible feeling On the [A]escalator they [D6] took it out on [D] him [E] As the ridi[D] culous world went [Dm] by {comment: 副歌} {start_of_chorus} [A] Oh he is gone[E] [G6] He's my [Dsus4] insatiable [D] one On the [A] high [D6] wire [A] dressed in a [D]leotard [E] There wobbles [D] one hell of a [D] retard On the [A] escalator [D6] we shit paracetamol[D] [E] As the ridi[D] culous world goes[Dm] by [A] Oh he is[E] gone [G6] He's my[Dsus4] insatiable [D]one And [G6] he was my[Dsus4] inflatable [D] one {end_of_chorus} 搬运自https://www.guitarinstructor.com/product/guitar-chords-lyrics/suede/my-insatiable-one/1000231615 {title:MY INSATIABLE ONE} {artist:Suede} {author:https://www.guitarinstructor.com/product/guitar-chords-lyrics/suede/my-insatiable-one/1000231615}
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