{meta: 微信:173 5135 2215} {meta: 节拍 96 首唱 5 最高 2} {comment: 1} [C]Moon [Am]river, [F]wider than a [C]mile, I'm [F]crossing you in [C]style some[Dm6]day , [E7] Old [Am]dream [C7]maker, you [F]heart [C7]breaker Wher[Am]ever you're [B7]goin', I'm [Em7]going [A7]your [Dm7]way[F/G] {comment: 2} [C]Two [Am]drifters, [F]off to see the [C]world There's [F]such a lot of [C]world to [Dm6]see [E7] We're [Am]af- [Am7]ter the [Am6]same [F7]rainbow's [C]end, [F7] waitin' 'round the [C]bend [F] My huckleberry [C]friend, [Am]moon [Dm7]river, [G] and [C]me {define: F/G frets 0 0 1 0 fingers 0 0 1 0} {rhythm: | w - - |} {comment: 微信:173 5135 2215} {title:Moon River(四级)C 调} {artist:Audrey Hepburn} {author:洪小万吉他培训中心}
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