{meta: 原调: 1=C} {meta: 选调: 1=C} {comment: 前奏 / 间奏} {start_of_tab} @ |3-------0------3------2----| |0---0---1--0---0---0--3--0-| |--0---0---0--0---0--0--0--0| |0-------2------0------0----| %------- ------ ------ ----- %------- ------ ------ ----- {end_of_tab} [G]Oh Danny [C]boy The pipes [C]the pipes are [F]calling From [F]glen to [C]glen And down [C]the mountain [Dm]side [G]The summer's [C]gone And all [C]the roses [F]falling It's [F]you, it's [C]you must go [G]And I must [C]bide But [G]come ye [Am]back When [F]summer's in the [C]meadow Or [G]when the [Am]valley's hushed [F]And white with [Dm]snow And [G]I'll be [C]here In [F]Sunshine or in [C]shadow [F]Oh Danny [Dm]boy oh Danny boy [G]I love you [C]so But [G]when ye [C]come When all [C]the flowers are [F]dying If I [F]am [C]dead As dead I [C]well may [Dm]be Ye'll [G]come and [C]find The place [C]where I am [F]lying And [F]kneel and [C]say an "ave" [G]There for [C]me And [G]I shall [Am]hear Though [F]soft you tread a[C]bove me [G]And all my [Am]grave Shall [F]warmer, sweeter [Dm]be Then [G]you will [C]bend And tell [F]me that you [C]love me [F]And I shall [C]sleep in peace Until [G]you come to [C]me [C] [C] {title:Danny Boy} {artist:声入人心} {author:Linlin}
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