{meta: 选调: 1=G} {meta: Capo=3} [G]Play it slow ,lay it low [Em]you lead and then they i'll follow [Am]ooh heaven, [Am7]i don't know [D]where art thou my remeo [G]sing it slow sing it so [Em]we can be infatual doesn't [Am]matter where we [Am7]go it's [D]unconditional will you [Dm]still be here tomor[E]row catching [Am]morning rays in ta[D]hoe will i [Dm]see you there tomor[E]row baby [Am]can't you [Am7]see the [D]love in me {comment: -} in 2[G]004 will you be [Em]loving me more through all that [Am]stormy weather say [Am7]forever for [D]you i'll do for [D7]sure will you [G]open your door will you come [Em]catch me when i fall at the [Am]end i hope [Am7]together we can [D]soar in year 200[G]4 {title:2004} {artist:卫兰} {author:Runcie}
广东 广州