{comment: Verse A} [C] Stars [B7]shining bright [Ab]above [G]you [C] Night [B7]breezes seem to [A]whisper I [A7]love you [Dm] Birds singing in the [Fm]sycamore tree [C]Dream a little [D9]dream of [G7]me {comment: Verse B} [C] Say [B7]nighty- night and [Ab]kiss [G]me [C] Just [B7]hold me tight and [A]tell me you’ll [A7]miss me [Dm] While I’m alone as [Fm]blue as can be [C]Dream a little [Fm]dream [G7]of [C]me [Eb7] {comment: Bridge} [Ab] Stars [Fm]fading but I [Eb7]linger on dear [Ab] Still [Fm]craving your [Eb7]kiss [Ab] I’m [Fm]longing to [Eb7]linger til dawn dear [Ab] Just [Fm]saying [G7]this {comment: Verse C} [C] Sweet [B7]dreams til sunbeams [Ab7]find [G]you [C] Sweet [B7]dreams that leave all [A]worries [A7]behind you [C]And in your dreams what[Fm]ever they be [C]Dream a little [Fm]dream [G7]of [C]me {comment: Instrumental} C / B7 / Ab7 / G7 / C / B7 / A / A7 / Dm / / / Fm / / / C / Fm G7 C / Eb7 / Repeat bridge and verse c {title:Dream A Little Dream of Me} {artist:Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong} {author:师傅在抓鱼}
浙江 杭州