{meta: 原调: 1=G} {meta: 选调: 1=G} {comment: 前奏 随意} {comment: 节奏型 随意} {rhythm: (14 3) ( 2 1 2) (14 3) ( 2 1 2) } {comment: 主歌 } [G]Let's go in the [Em]garden让我们步入花园 [G]You'll find something [D]waiting你会发现有东西等着你 [Am]Right there where you [C]left it就在你留下它之地 Lying [G]upside[D] down上下颠倒地躺在那里 [G]When you finally [Em]find it当你终于找到它时 [G]You'll see how it's [D]faded你将看见它如何褪色 [Am]The underside is [C]lighter底下较为鲜艳 [G]When you turn it [D]around翻过来就看得见 Everything [Em]stays所有东西都会停驻在 Right where you [C]left it你留下它之地 Everything [Bm]stays所有东西都会停驻 But it still [Em]changes同时也变动不变 Ever so [C]slightly虽然微乎其微 Daily and [G]nightly日日夜夜都在进行 In little [Am]ways让你无法察觉 When everything [Em]stays同时一切看似不见 {end_of_chorus} {title:Everything stays} {artist:Adventure time}
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