{comment: 主歌A} When [Gadd9]we turn off the [Em7/add9]lights The [Am7]two of us a[Dadd9]lone toge[D]ther [Gadd9]Somethings just not [Em7]right But [C]girl you know that [B7]i'd never [Em]ever Let a[G]nother's touth [Em]come between the [C]two of [Em]us Cause [Am7]no one else could [C]never take your [D]place {comment: 副歌B} No one else comes [G]close to [D]you No one makes me [G]feel the [D/#F]way you [Em7/add9]do You're so special [C]girl to [D]me And you'll always [Bm7]be e[D/#F]terna[Em7/add9]lly Everytime i [C]hold you [D]near You always say the [G]words i [D/#F]love to [Em7/add9]hear Girl with just a [Am7]touth you can do [D]so much no one else comes [Gadd9]close [Em7/add9] [Am7] [D] {comment: 主歌A} And [Gadd9]when i wake up [Em7/add9]to The [C]touth of your head [D]on my shoulder [G]You're my dream come [Em7]ture Oh [Am7]girl you know i'll [B]always theasure [Em]Every kiss [G]everyday [Em]love you girl in [C]every[Em]way [C]And i always [Em7]will cause in my [D]eyes {title:No One Else Comes Close} {artist:Joe} {author:左鹏}
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