{meta: Key:G#m} {meta: Capo:4} {meta: Play:Em} {comment: A} [Em]Dangerous love You’re no [G]good for me, darling Yeah, you [A]turn me away Like I’m [C]begging for a [B7]dollar [Em]Danger, oh, [G] how you hold me I get a [A]chill inside And nothing [C]frightens me, baby,[B7] oh [Em] Is it love when [G]so easily said goodbye? [A] Is it love when we’ve [C]given up before we [B7]tried? [Em] Is it love when you [G]stole my peace of mind? [A] Is it love when you [C]cry, and cry and [B7]cry? {comment: B} So when you [Em]walk out that door Don’t you come [G]back no more My heart has [A]had enough of the give and take And as [C]much as I want you to [B7]stay You’re a [Em]dangerous love And baby, you’re no [G]good for me, darling 'Cause if you’re gonna [A]love me and leave me hanging here Then [C]I’d rather [B7]you leave me [Em]lonely Even though it[G] hurts [A] You’re a [C]dangerous [B7]love {title:Leave Me Lonely} {artist:La Cozzi} {author:奕安}