{meta: Capo=1} {comment: 节奏型(A/B)} {rhythm: (124 3) (2 1) (124 3) (2 1) } {rhythm: (124 3) (2 1) (124 3) (2 1) (124 3) (2 124) (~) } [Fm] [C] [G] [F] [C] {start_of_chorus} [C]Broken [G]dreams, broken [F]dreams   hoping s[C]omeday you'll see [C] me [G] [F] [C]   [C]Sky is [G]grey, sky is [F]grey   but I d[C]ancing in the [C] rain [G] [F] [C]   [C]Live this [G]way, live this [F]way   will you re[C]member my name? [G] [F] [C]   [C]Live a [G]lie, live a [F]lie   why don't you [C]ask yourself [C]why… [G] [F] [C]   [Fm]Don't you open your eyes? {end_of_chorus} {start_of_chorus}   [C]Only the [G]moon, only the [F]moon   only the [C]moon will hear my [C] plea [G] [F] [C]   Only the [C]creatures of the [F]night   will har[C]monize with [C] me [G] [F] [C]   [C]Missed you [G]so, missed you [F]so   and I [C]wondered if you [C] know [G] [F] [C]   [C]The wind has [G]blown me in the [F]corner   and it's [C]hard to let [C] go [G] [F] [C]   [Fm]That's the story…   that's the s[C]tory of [G]you and [F]me [C] {end_of_chorus} {comment: 解释一下节奏型''第一行词用A节奏型'第二行词用B节奏型'第三行词用A节奏型'第四行词用B节奏型'循环往复'} {title:The story} {artist:Zee Avi} {author:Fanh}
广东 广州