[C] Say you're sorry That [F]face of an angel Comes [Am]out just when you need it to[F] [C] As I paced back and [F]forth all this time 'Cause I [Am]honestly believed in[F] you [Am]Holding on The [F]days drag on Stupid [Gsus4]girl, I should have known, I should have [G]known **That I'm not a [C]princess, this ain't a [Am]fairy tale I'm not the [F]one you'll sweep off her feet, [G]Lead her up the stairwell This ain't [C]Hollywood, this is a [Am]small town, I was a [F]dreamer before you went and [G]let me down Now it's [Am]too late for [G]you And your [F]white horse, to come [C]around** [C] Maybe I was naive, [F] Got lost in your eyes And [Am]never really had a chance[F] [C] My mistake I didn't [F]know to be in love You had to [Am]fight to have the upper hand[F] I had [Am]so many dreams About [F]you and me Happy [G]endings Now I know REPEAT** [Am] And there you [G]are on your [F]knees, [C] Begging for [G]forgiveness, [F]begging for me [C] Just like I [G]always wanted[F] but I'm so [Bb]sorry REPEAT** [F] Oh, [Am]whoa, whoa, whoa [F] Try and catch me [C]now [F]Oh, [Am]it's too late [F] To catch me [C]now {title:White Horse} {artist:Taylor Swift}