{meta: 选调: 1=C} {comment: 节奏型} {rhythm: (124 3 2 1)| (124 3 2 1) (~ 3 2 3)} 在美国达人秀看到的一个12岁小男孩跳的机械舞BGM {comment: 主歌 A} I built a [C]friend with [C]three pieces of plastic and a [C]pen 我用三块塑胶还有一支笔做了一个朋友 I [C]made him on the table in the [F]den 我在家里的地下室打造了这个机器人 I [C]gave him my old celLphone for a [C]head 我把我的旧手机来当他的头 For a [G]head 来当他的头 {comment: 副歌} And [C]we had so much [F]fun together 我们一起度过了许多快乐时光 [C]We knew we'll be [F]friends forever 我们知道这段友谊将永远长存 And [C]We had so much [F]fun together 我们一起度过了许多快乐时光 [C]We had so much [G]fun 许多的快乐时光 {comment: 主歌 B} Then I [C]met this [C]girl at graduation 然后我在毕业典礼遇到了一个女孩 And for[C]get [C]my oldest creation 让我把老朋友忘得一干二净 And I [F]guess I'll [C]see him next vacation 我心想反正下次放假就会再见面了 Send my [C]best I sent my [G]best 我知道他会好好照顾自己(照顾自己) I came [C]home 我回到家 To [C]find him on the table with a [C]note 发现他坐在桌边 旁边有张他写的纸条 [C]Scribbled out in pencil and he [F]wrote 他用铅笔潦草写下 That [C]he just wasn't stable all [F]alone all [G]alone 他无法忍受孤零零一个人(一个人) Next to [C]him 在他旁边 [C]An empty glass of water that he [C]spilt 有一个被他倒光的空水杯 [C]All over the body that I [F]built 他把水倒在我为他打造的身体 It [C]fizzled and it popped and then then he [F]killed 他发出一阵嘶嘶声后 就这样走了 And then he [G]killed 就这样走了 {comment: 副歌} And [C]we had so much [F]fun together 我们一起度过了许多快乐时光 [C]We thought we'll be [F]friendS forever 我们曾以为这段友谊将永远长存 {end_of_chorus} {title:I built a friend。} {artist:Alec Benjamin} {author:Ruby}
广西 南宁