All a[Dm]lone I have [A7]started my [Dm]journey To the [Dm]darkness of the darkness I [Gm]go With a [A7]reason, I stopped for a [Dm]moment In this [Bb]world full of [Gm]pleasure so [A7]frail [Dm]Town after [A7]town on I [Dm]travel Pass through [Dm]faces I know and know [Gm]not Like a [A7]bird in flight, sometimes I [Dm]toppled Time and [Bb]time again, [Gm] just fare[A7]wells Donde [Gm]voy, donde [Dm]voy Day by [A7]day, my story un[Dm]folds Solo [Gm]estoy, solo [Dm]estoy All [A7]alone as the day I was [Dm]born Till your [Dm]eyes rest in [A7]mine, I shall [Dm]wander No more [Dm]darkness I know and know [Gm]not For your [A7]sweetness I traded my [Dm]freedom Not [Bb]knowing a [Gm]farewell [A7]awaits You know, [Dm]hearts can be re[A7]peatedly [Dm]broken Making [Dm]room for the harrows to [Gm]come A[A7]long with my sorrows I [Dm]buried My [Bb]tears, my [Gm]smiles, your [A7]name Donde [Gm]voy, donde [Dm]voy Songs [A7]of lovetales I sing of no [Dm]more Solo [Gm]estoy, solo [Dm]estoy Once [A7]again with my shadows I [Dm]roam Donde [Gm]voy, donde [Dm]voy All a[A7]lone as the day I was [Dm]born Solo [Gm]estoy, solo [Dm]estoy Still a[A7]lone with my shadows I [Dm]roam {title:Donde Voy – tears} {artist:齐豫}