{meta: Capo=1} {comment: 节奏型} {rhythm:(d d d d) }{rhythm:(d d d u d u) } {comment: 主歌 A} On the[Em] first page of our[C]] story The[G] future seemed so[D] bright Then the[Em] thing turned out so[C] evil I don't[G] know why I'm still[D] surprised Even[Em] angels have their[C] wicked schemes, And[G] you take that to[D] new extremes. But[Em] you'll always be[C] my hero, Even though[G] you've lost your[D] mind. {comment: 副歌} {start_of_chorus} Just gonna[Em] stand there and watch me[C] burn Well that's[G] alright because I like the way it[D] hurts Just gonna[Em] stand there and hear me[C] cry Well that's[G] alright because I love the way you[D] lie Love the way you[Em] lie [C]Ohh, I love the way you[G] lie [D] {end_of_chorus} {comment: 主歌 B} Now there's[Em] gravel in our[C] voices glasses[G] shatter from the[D] fight In this[Em] tug of war you'll[C] always win [G] Even when[D] I'm right Cos you[Em] feed me fables from[C] your head With[G] violent words and [D]empty threats And it's[Em] sick that all these[C] battles Are[G] what keeps me sati[D]sfied {title:love the way you lie} {artist:skylar grey} {author:skylar 的撕开了} {define: D frets 2 2 3 0 fingers 0 0 0 0} {define: C frets 0 0 3 3 fingers 0 0 3 3}