In a [G]dream I hold you [Em]close [Am]Embracing you with my [D]hands You [G]gazed at me with [Em]eyes full of love And [Am]made me understand[D] That [G]I was meant to [Em]share it with you My [Am]heart my mind my [D]soul Then I [G]open my eyes And [Em]all I see [Am]reality shows I’m [D]alone But [G]I know someday that you’ll be [Em]by my side Cause I know [Am]god’s just waiting till the [D]time is right {comment: 副歌 } [G]God will you keep her safe from the thunderstorm [Em]When the day’s cold will you keep her warm [Am]When the darkness falls will you please [D]shine her the way [G]God will you let her know that I love her so [Em]When theres no one there that she’s not alone [Am]Just close her eyes and let her [D]know My heart is beating with hers[G] {title:My prayer} {artist:Devotion} {author:墙角的花}