{title:Wonderful tonight(男版)} {artist:耒阳FunHuaClub} {meta: Capo=标准音原调} (间奏2遍~)[G]It\'s late in the [D/F#]evening [C]She\'s wondering what [D]clothes to wear [G]She puts on her [D/F#]make up [C]And brushes her [D]long blonde hair [C]And then she [D]asks me [G]Do I [D/F#]look [Em]alright And I say [C]yes, you look [D]wonderful to[G]night ~(间奏1遍) [G]We go to a [D/F#]party [C]And everyone [D]turns to see [G]This beautiful [D/F#]lady [C]That\'s walking around [D]with me [C]And then she [D]asks me [G]Do you [D/F#]feel [Em]alright And I say [C]yes, I feel [D]wonderful [G]tonight [G]~~~ I feel [C]wonderful Be[D]cause I see the [G]love light [D/F#]in your [Em]eyes And the [C]wonder of it [D]all Is that you [C]just don\'t rea[D]lize How much I [G]love you (间奏2遍) [G]It\'s time to go [D/F#]home now [C]And I\'ve got an [D]aching head [G]So I give her the [D/F#]car keys [C]and She helps me to[D]bed [C]And then I tell [D]her [G]As I turn[D/F#] out the [Em]light I say my [C]darling, you were [D]wonderful [G]tonight [D/F#]~~ [Em]~~[Em]~~ Oh my [C]darling, you were [D]wonderful [G]tonight(间奏两遍)
湖南 衡阳