{meta: 原调:Capo=4} {comment: 前奏 } C Cmaj7 C7 F Fm C Dm G7 {comment: 节奏型} {rhythm: (4 123) (xu 123) (~ 123 xu) (123) | (4 123) (xu 123) (~ 123 xu) (123)} 制音为击弦 [C] Walk down to the beach [Cmaj7] to Manly fishing sea [C7] To know which one is there for [F]me Too[Fm] many grains of sand[C] To hold[Dm] them all in my hands[G7] [C] Some day as I [Cmaj7] just can't think [C7] Why you pushed me to the [F]bank You [Fm]caught me with my guard[C] down Stood in my[Dm] front upside down[G7] And [C]darling maybe so[Cmaj7]meday we Could be [C7]holding hands on the be[F]ach The [Fm]way we swing around our toes[C] And every [Dm]second my feelings grow[G7] Each [C]time you gently tou[Cmaj7]ch my lips Zi[C7]ngo rain fall e[F]very kiss Down[Fm] sew my hands in[C]tertwine Oh [Dm]then [G7]yours in mine[C] {end_of_chorus} {title:On The Beach} {artist:窦靖童} {author:Jusly}
广东 梅州