{meta: Capo=0} {comment: 副歌 A} [Em]I know that dress is karma, [D]perfume regret [Bm]You got me thinking 'bout when you were [C]mine [Em]And now I'm all up on ya,[D]what you expect [Bm]you're not coming home with me [C]tonight You just want [Em]attention,you don't want my [D]heart Maybe you just [Bm]hate the thought of me with someone [C]new Yeah,you just want [Em]attention I knew from the [D]start You just making [Bm]sure I'm never gettin over [C]you yeah ~,you just want [Em]attention {comment: 间奏} [D]~~~~~~[Bm]~~~~~~[C]~~~~~~ {comment: 副歌 B} 期[C]待 期待你发现[D]我的爱 无所不[Bm]在 我自然而然[Em]的关怀 你的存[Am]在 心灵感[D]应的方向 我一眼就[G]看出来 是[G7]因为爱 我[C]猜 你早已发现[D]我的爱 绕几个[Bm]弯 靠越近越明[Em]白 不要走[Am]开 幸福的开[D]始 就是放手去[G]爱 {comment: 结尾} 不要走[Am]开 幸福的开[D]始 就是放手去[G]爱 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ {title:Attention➕期待爱} {artist:JJ➕查理普斯} {author:标哥}
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