{meta: 原调: 1=D} {meta: 选调: 1=C} {meta: Capo=2} {start_of_tab} {end_of_tab} {comment: 一首非常动听,和弦又十分简单容易上手的歌曲。} {rhythm: (14 3) (2 1) (~ 3) (2 1) | } {comment: 前奏} [Am] [F] [G] [C] [Am] [F] [G] [Am] [F] [G] [C] [Am] [F] [G] [C] {comment: 1} Do you [Am]remember when we [F]were two [G]beautiful birds [C]we would [Am]light up the [F]sky as we [G]fly, You were [Am]orange in [F]red like the [G]sun when it [C]sets, I was [Dm]green as an apple's [G]eye {comment: 2} [Am]You said you [F]loved all the [G]songs that I [C]sing like [Am]nothing you’d [F]ever [G]heard And [Am]I said I [F]loved you with [G]all of my [C]heart, When, [F]We were two [G]beautiful [C]birds {comment:间奏} [Am] [F] [G] [C] [Am] [F] [G] [Am] [F] [G] [C] [Am] [F] [G] [C] {comment: 3} [Am]Remember when we [F]were two [G]beautiful [C]birds? We would [Am]sing when the [F]morning will [G]come, You are [Am]silver and blue [F]like the [G]moon when it’s [C]new I was [Dm]gold as a summer [G]sun, {comment: 4} But [Am]one day you [F]asked for a [G]different [C]song, [Am]One that I just [F]couldn’t [G]sing, I got the [Am]melody sharp [F]and the [G]words all [C]wrong, [Dm] Those were the last days of [G]spring, {comment: 5} [Dm] To build a nest we pecked [Am]feathers from our chests, Like a [C]book tearing out every [G]page, [Dm] We weren't to know that [Am]these feathers will grow [C]Into a beautiful [G]cage {comment:结尾} [Am] [F] [G] [C] [Am] [F] [G] [Am] [F] [G] [C] [Am] [F] [G] [C] {end_of_chorus} {title:Beautiful Birds} {artist:Passenger / Birdy} {author:爱摸鱼}
福建 厦门