{meta: 原调: 1=B} {meta: 选调: 1=F} {meta: Capo=2} {comment: 前奏/间奏} 前奏:[Am] [Dm] [G] [C] 主歌A: [Am]talk to me [Dm]softly there some[G]thing in your[C]eyes [Am]Don’t hang your head in[Dm]sorrow [G]and please don’t [C]cry [Am]i know how you [Dm]feel inside [G]i've been there be[C]fore [Am]something s [Dm]chang inside you [G]and don’t you [C]know 副歌A [F]Don’t you [G]cry to[Am]night (i still love you baby) [F]Don’t you [G]cry to[Am]night [F]Don’t you [G]cry toC[C]night there s a [G]heaven [Am]above you [G]baby and [F]don’t you [G]cry to[Am]night 主歌B: [Am]give me a [Dm]whisper and [G]give me a [C]sigh  [Am]give me a kiss [Dm]before you [G]tell me good[C]bye  [Am]don’t you [Dm]take it so hard now and [G]please don t take it so [C]bad  [Am]i ll still be [Dm]thinking of you[G] and the times we [C]had baby 副歌B [F]Don’t you [G]cry to[Am]night [F]Don’t you [G]cry to[Am]night [F]Don’t you [G]cry to[C]night there s a [G]heaven [Am]above you [G]baby and [F]don’t you [G]cry to[Am]night 间奏:[F] / [G] [Am] [F] / [G] [Am] [F] / [G] [E] / [F] [F] / [G] [Am] 间奏 [Dm]And please re[G]member [C]That I never[Am] Lied [[Dm]]And please re[G]member [C]How I felt in[Am]side now,honey [Dm]U gotta make it Ur [G]own way [C]But U'll be [Am]alright now sugar [Dm]U'll feel [G]better tomorrow ! [C]Come the morning light [Am]now baby [Dm]You'll feel [G]better tomorro [C] /[G] /[Am] /[Em] [F]And Don't you [G]cry toi[Am]nght 副歌C [F]Don’t you [G]cry to[Am]night [F]Don’t you [G]cry to[C]night /[G] /[Am] /[Em] [F]Don’t you [G]cry [F]Don’t you [G]cry [F]Don’t you [G]cry to[E]night 由于世间关系,下面歌词下次完成 [F] /[G] [F] /[G] [F] /[G] [C] {title:Don't cry} {artist:阿彪} {author:阿彪}