{meta: 原调: 1=G} {meta: 选调: 1=G} {comment: 主歌节奏型} {rhythm: (134 2) (34 2) (134 2) (34 2) |(134 2) (34 34) (- 2) (34 2) } {comment: 副歌节奏型} {rhythm: (d -) (d d u)} {comment: 主歌 A} Despe[G]rado[G7] Why don't you [C]come to your [Cm]senses? You been [G]out ridin' [G6]fences for [A7]so long [D7]now Oh, you're a [G]hard one[G7] I know that [C]you got your [Cm]reasons These [G]things that are [Em]pleasin' you Can [A7]hurt you [D7]some[G]how[D] {comment: 副歌 A} {start_of_chorus} Don' you [Em]draw the queen of [Bm]diamonds, boy She'll [C]beat you if she's [G]able You know the [Em]queen of heats is [C]always your best [G]bet [D] Now it [Em]seems to me, some [Bm]fine things Have been [C]laid upon your [G]table But you [Em]only want the [A7]ones that you can't [Am7]get [D] {end_of_chorus} {comment: 主歌 B} Despe[G]rado[G7] Oh, you ain't [C]gettin' no [Cm]youger Your [G]pain and your [G6]hunger They're [A7]drivin' you [D7]home And [G]freedom, oh [G6]freedom Well, that's just [C]some people tal[Cm]kin' Your [G]prison is [G6]walking through This [A7]world all a[G]lone[D] {comment: 副歌 B} {start_of_chorus} Don't your [Em]feet get cold in the [Bm]winter time? The [C]sky won't snow and [G]the sun won't shine It's [Em]hard to tell the [C]night time from the [G]day[D] You're [Em]loosin' all your [Bm]highs and lows Ain't it [C]funny how the [G]feeling goes [Am7]away?[D] {end_of_chorus} {comment: 主歌 C} Despe[G]rado[G7] why don't you [C]come to your [Cm]senses? Come [G]down from your [Em]fences [A7]Open the g[D7]ate It may be [G]rainin'[G7] But there's a [C]rainbow a[Cm]bove you You better [G]let somebody [Em]love you ([C]let [Em]somebody [Cm]love you) You better [G]let some[B7]body [Em]love you Be[Am7]fore it's [D7]t~~o[G]o la[Cm]te [G] {title:Desperado} {artist:Eagles} {author:德瓦叔叔}
湖南 长沙