{meta: 原调: 1=G} {meta: 选调: 1=G} {meta: Capo=2} {comment: 前奏/间奏} {start_of_tab} @G Am G Am |------x-----|-------|-------|-------| |---x-----x--|---x---|-------|-------| |-x--x--x--x-|-x---x-|-------|-------| |------------|-------|-------|-------| |x-----------|-------|-------|-------| |------------|-------|-------|-------| %-- -- -- -- % {end_of_tab} {comment: 主歌 A} [G]you're on the phone with your girlfriend,she's upset [D]She's going off about something that you [Am]said Cuz she doesn't, get your humor like I [C]do [G]I'm in the room It's a typical Tuesday [D]night I'm listening to the kind of music she doesn't [Am]like and she'll never know your story like I[C] do {comment: 副歌} {start_of_chorus} But [Am]she wears short skirts, [C]I wear T-shirts ***She wears high heels, I wear sneakers [G]She's cheer captain And [D]I'm on the bleachers [Am]Dreaming about the day when you [C]wake up And find what you're [F#m] looking for has been here the whole time {comment: 副歌2} {start_of_chorus} If you could [G]see that I'm the one who understands you [D]been here all along so why can't you [Am]see You belong with [C]me You belong with [G]me *********** [G]Standing by and waiting at your back door [D]all this time how could you not know [Am]Baby You belong with [C]me You belong with [G]me (End) you belong with [D]me [Am]meHave you ever thought just maybe you belong with [C]me you belong with [G]me (SOLO) [G] [D] [Am] [C] (主歌2) [G]Walkin' the streets with you and your worn-out [D]jeans I can't help thinking this is how it ought to [Am]be Laughing on a park bench, thinking to [C]myself Hey isn't this [C]easy [G]And you've got a smile that could light up this whole [D]town I haven't seen it in a while since she brought you [Am]down You say you're fine I know you better then that [C]Hey whatcha doing with a girl like that 转折 Oh I remember you [Am]drivin' to my house in the middle of the night [G]I'm the one who makes you laugh [D]When you know you're about to cry [Am]And i know your favorite songs [C] And you tell me about your dreams [G]Think I know where you belong [D]Think I know it's with me [G]Can't you see that I'm the one who understands you [D]Been here all along So why can't you [Am]see [C]You belong with me (回*********) {title:You belonge with me} {artist:Taylor Swift} {author:Angel}
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