{meta: 原调: 1=D} {meta: 选调: 1=C} {meta: Capo=2} [C] My life is brilliant. (我的人生缤纷灿烂) [C] My life is brilliant. (我的人生缤纷灿烂) [G]My love is pure. (我的爱如此纯真) [Am7] I saw an angel. (因为我见过天使) [F]Of that I'm sure.( 对此,我深信不疑) She [C]smiled at me on the subway. (她在地下铁上对着我微笑) She was [G] with another man. (虽然身边伴着另一个男人) But [Am7]I won't lose no sleep on that. (但我可不会为此辗转难眠) Cause [Am7]I've got a plan.( 因为我已有心理准备) [F]You're [G]beautiful . [C]You're beautiful. (你就是这么美 你就是这么美) [F]You're [G]beautiful , it's true [C] . (你就是这么的美 这是千真万确) I saw [F]your face [G] in a [C]crowded [Am]place . (我曾在人潮拥挤之处瞥见你的脸) And I [F]don't know what [G] to do [Am] . (这令我不知所措) Cause I'll [F]never be [G] with you [C] . (因为我和你永远无法相依) Yeah, she caught[C] my eye. (是啊,我视线被她占据) As we [G]walked on by. (在我们擦身而过的瞬间) She could [Am7]see from my face that I was. (她应该可以从我的神情看出) [F] Flying high.(Fucking high)( 我无限喜悦)) And I [C] don't think that I'll [G]see her again. (我想,我将再也见不到她) But [Am7]we shared a moment that will last[Am] till the end. (但我们共享了永恒的片刻) ----------------------------------------------------- There must [F]be an angel[G] with a [C]smile on her [G]face[Am].( 她的脸上有天使一般的微笑) When[Am7] she thought up that [F]I should be with [G]you.( 当她也想到我们应该在一起时) But it s time [F]to face [G]the truth [Am]]. (但该是面对事实的时候了) I will [F]never be [G]with you[C]. (我和你永远无法相依) {title:You're beautiful} {artist:James Blunt} {author:大风云飞}