{comment: A段} from this [C]valley they say you are [Fadd9/C]going we will [C]miss your bright [G]eyes and sweet [Dm7]smile [G] for they [C]say you are [Am7]taking the [F]sunshine that has [C]brightened our [G7]path for a [C]while {comment: B段} come and [C]sit by my side if you [Fadd9/C]love me do not [C]hasten to [G]bid me [Dm7]adieu [G] but re[C]member the [Am7]red river [F]valley and the [C]cowboy will [G]loved you so [C]true {comment: A段} 百年[C]东街微风让人[Fadd9/C]着迷 就像[C]男孩女[G]孩的相[Dm7]爱 [G] 没有[C]什么比[Am7]这个更[F]美丽 你如果[C]没有就[G7]快来KingSon [C]Four {comment: B段} 欢迎[C]你们今天来到[Fadd9/C]这里 在这[C]愉快[G]难忘的夜[Dm7]里 [G] 无论[C]开心失[Am7]落我们都[F]一起 一首[C]甜美的[G7]歌儿唱给[C]你 {title:Red River Valley} {artist:红河谷} {author:左鹏}
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