[C] No [G]woman no cry [Am] [F] [C] No [F]woman no [C]cry [G] [C] No [G]woman no [Am]cry [F] (1st verse) Here little darlin dont shed no tears (2nd verse) [C] No [F]woman no [C]cry [G]Said said [C] said I [G]remember [Am]when we used to sit [F] [C] In the govern[G]ment yard in tr[Am]enchtown [C] Oba o[G]baserving the hy[Am]pocrites (1st verse) And then Georgie would make a fire light (2nd verse) As they would[C] mingle w[G]ith the good people we m[Am]eet as it was log wood burnin through the night [C] good frien[G]ds we had oh [Am]good friend we los[F]t Then we would cook corn meal porridge [C] a[G]long the w[Am]ay [F] of which I'll share with you [C] In this bright[G] future you [Am]cant forget y[F]our past my feet is my only carriage [C]So dry your tea[G]rs, I say [Am] [F] So I've got to push on through {title:No woman no cry} {artist:BOB MARLEY}
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