{meta: 原调: g} {comment: 前奏} Gm C *4 {comment: 主歌 A} Cool [Gm]Whispers [C]drift from the [Cm]north on the [Gm]night. Yet you [C]warm my [Bb6]heart for we [C]hold the [Gm]light. The [Eb]land must [Dm]fade from [Gm]green into [C]white. [Cm]Hush my [Dm]heart this [F]love is a [Gm]fire. This [Cm7]love will [F]burn like a [Gm]fire. [C] [Gm] [C] {comment: 主歌 B} Lie [Gm]side by [C]side in the [Cm]soft winter [Gm]white. Hold me [C]close to [Bb6]you as we [C]brace for [Gm]flight. In [Eb]time I [Dm]prey they'll [Gm]see what we [C]feel. [Cm]Gentle [Dm]love this [F]pain won't re[Gm]tire. This [Cm7]love must [F]burn like a [Gm]fire. [C] {comment: 导歌} [Gm]Close your [Gm]eyes and [Bb]dream what I [Bb]see, peace [Cm]for a [Cm]moment the [Gm]future [Gm]unclear. [Gm]Hand by [Gm]hand as we [Bb]stand on the [Bb]wire, the [Cm7]ending so [Cm7]near the [D]start close [D7]behind. {comment: 副歌} Light [Gm]bends through [Gm]trees, leaves [Eb]spiral and [Eb]wind. We're [Gm]far from [Gm]here and [Eb]frozen in [Eb]time. [EbM7] {comment: 主歌 A} {title:Cool Whispers} {artist:池頼広} {author:钢蛋蛋}