{meta: 原调: 1=Eb转Gb} {meta: 选调: 1=D转F} {comment: Intro} {start_of_tab} |-------0-------|-0-------0-0-------0-----| |---0-2---2-0---|---3-2-3-----3-2-3-------| |-2-----------2-|-------------------------| |---------------|-------------------------| {end_of_tab} {comment: Rhythm} {rhythm: d d d (d (d u)) | d (d (d u)) d (d (d u))} {comment: Verse A} I'm [D]wishing [A]on a [D]star And [D]trying [A]to be[D]lieve That [D]even [A]though it's [D]far He'll [D]find me [A]Christmas [D]Eve I [Em]guess that Santa's [A]busy Cause he's [D]never [G]come a[D]round I [Em]think of him When [A]Christmas Comes to [D]Town {comment: Verse B} The [D]best time [A]of the [D]year When [D]every[A]one comes [D]home With [D]all this [A]Christmas [D]cheer It's [D]hard to [A]be a[D]lone [Em]Putting up the [A]Christmas tree With [D]friends who [G]come a[D]round It's [Em]so much fun When [A]Christmas Comes to [D]Town {comment: Chorus} [Bb]Presents for the [C]children [Am]Wrapped in red and [Dm]green [Bb]All the things I've [C]heard about But [Am]never really [Dm]seen [Em7b5]No one will be [A7]sleeping on The [Dm]night of Christmas [F]Eve Hoping [Fm7]Santa's [Bb7]on his [Em7]way [A7] {comment: Ending} When [D]Santa's [A]sleigh bells [D]ring I [D]listen [A]all a[D]round The [D]herald [A]angels [D]sing I [D]never [A]hear a [D]sound And [Em]all the dreams of [A]children Once [D]lost will [G]all be [D]found That's [Em]all I want When [A]Christmas Comes to [D]Town That's [Em]all I want When [A]Christmas Comes to [D]Town {title:When Christmas Comes to Town} {artist:Matthew Hall / Meagan Moore} {author:Eagle} {define: Em7b5 frets 0 2 0 1 fingers 0 2 0 1} {define: Fm7 frets 1 3 1 3 fingers 1 2 1 3}
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