[Am] Hello darkness, my old [G]friend I've come to talk with you [Am]again [C] Because a vision soft[F]ly cree[C]ping Left its seeds while I [F]was slee[C]ping And the [F]vision that was planted in my [C]brain Still rem[Am]ains [C] Within the [G]sound of [Am]silence [Am] In restless dreams I walked a[G]lone Narrow streets of cobbles[Am]tone [C] Neath the halo of the[F] street [C]lamp I turned my collar to the [F]cold and [C]damp When my [F]eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon li[C]ght That split the [Am]night And touched the [G]sound of [Am]silence [Am] And in the naked light [G]I saw Ten thousand people, maybe [Am]more [C] People talking with[F]out spea[C]king People hearing with[F]out liste[C]ning People writing [F]songs that voices never [C]share And no one [Am]dare [C] disturb the [G]sound of [Am]silence [Am] "Fools" said I, "You do not [G]know Silence like a cancer [Am]grows” [C] Hear my words that I [F]might teach [C]you Take my arms that I [F]might reach [C]you But my [F]words like silent raindrops [C]fell---[Am]---And echoed in the [G]wells of [Am]silence [Am] And the people bowed and [G]prayed to the neon god they [Am]made. [C] And the sign flashed out [F]its war[C]ning And the words that it [F]was for[C]ming And the sign said:"[F]The words of the prophets are written on the subway [C]walls And tenement [Am]halls And [C]whispered in the [G]sound of [Am]silence." {title:The Sound Of Silence} {artist:Paul Simon and Garfunkel} {author:左鹏}
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