{meta: 原调: 1=F} {meta: 选调: 1=F} {comment: 主歌 A} It's not so [Dm]easy loving [Gm]me It [Bb]gets so complicated All the [Edim]things you've gotta be Everything's [Dm]changing But you're the [Gm]truth I'm [Bb]amazed by all your patience Every[Edim]thing I put you through {comment: 副歌A} [Bb] When I'm a[F7]bout to fall Some[Gm]how you're always waiting Your [F7]open arms to catch me [Dm] You're gonna [C7]save me from my[Dm]self From my[C7]self yes [Dm]You're gonna [C7]save me from my[Dm]self [Dm] [Dm] [Dm] {comment: 主歌 B} My love is [Dm]tainted by your [Gm]touch Well some [Bb]guys have shown me aces But you've [Edim]got that royal flush I know it's [Dm]crazy every [Gm]day Well to[Bb]morrow may be shaky But you [Edim]never turn away {comment: 副歌B} [Bb] Don't ask me [F7]why I'm crying Cuz [Gm]when I start to crumble You know [F7]how to keep me smiling [Dm] You always [C7]save me from my[Dm]self[ From my[C7]self myself [Dm] You're gonna [C7]save me from my[Dm]self I know it's [C7]hard it's hard[Dm] But you've broken [Bb]all my walls [Gm] You've been my [C7]strength so strong {comment: 副歌C} [Bb] And don't ask me [F7]why I love you It's [Gm]obvious your tenderness Is [F7]what I need to make me [Dm]A better [C7]woman to my[Dm]self To my[C7]self myself [Dm] You're gonna [C7]save me from my[Dm]self {end_of_chorus} {title:Save Me From Myself} {artist:Christina Aguilera} {author:RO SAN} {define: Bb frets 3 2 1 1 fingers 3 2 1 1} {define: Edim frets 0 1 0 1 fingers 0 1 0 2}
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