{meta: 原调: 1=A} {meta: 选调: 1=A} {rhythm: d (d (d u)) d (d (d u))} A fragile [A]heart Was broken [E]before I don't think it [D]could endure another pain[A] [A]But there's a voice From deep [E]inside of you That's [D]calling out to make you [A]realize That this new [A]bond Gives inspira[E]tion To [D]all that feel no love appeal no [A]more So how can I [A]break This wall around [E]you That's [D]aiding both our hearts to grow in [A]pain So for[D]get your [E]past And [Bm]we can dream to[F#m]morrow Save our [D]hearts for [E]care and lovin' [F#m]too It's [D]hard I [E]know But [Bm]oh one's things for [F#m]sure Don't [D]go and [E]break this fragile [A]heart A hurting [B]mind In need of [F#]emotion I don't [E]think it could endure another [B]pain But baby in [B]you I've found [F#]affection Affection I [E]have never felt be[B]fore So don't [E]let your [F#]past De[Ebm]stroy what comes to[G#m]morrow Don't [E]go and break this fragile [F#]heart With all this [C#]fire That burns bet[G#]ween us There's so [F#]much to lose yet so much more to [C#]gain And if I could [C#]choose The world a[G#]round me The [F#]world I'd choose would all revolve around [C#]you So help me com[C#]plete The game in[G#]side me And [F#]help to mend, to [G#]mend this fragile heartFragile [C#]Heart {title:Fragile Heart} {artist:Westlife} {author:HB0646}
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