{meta: 原调:E | 选调:F} {meta: 首音:C | 拍号:4/4} {rhythm: (d (d u)) ((~ u d u)) (d (d u)) ((~ u d u))} {comment: A Verse} You're just too [F] good to be true, can't take my [Fmaj7] eyes off you, You'd be like [F7] heaven to touch, I wanna [Bb]hold you so much. At long last [Bbm] love has arrived, and I thank [F] God I'm alive, You're just too [Gm7] good to be true[Bbm6], can't take my [F]eyes off you. {comment: B Verse} Pardon the [F]way that I stare, there's nothing [Fmaj7] else to compare, The sight of [F7] you leaves me weak, there are no [Bb]words left to speak. But if you [Bbm] feel like I feel, please let me [F] know that it's real, You're just too [Gm7] good to be true[Bbm6], can’t take my [F]eyes off you. {comment: C Pre-Chorus} [Gm] [Dm] [Gm] [Dm] [Dm] {comment: D Chorus} I love you, [Gm7]baby, and if it's [C7]quite alright, I need you, [Am]baby, to warm a [Dm]lonely night, I love you, [Gm7]baby, [C7]trust in me when I [F]say. [D7] Oh, pretty [Gm7]baby, don't bring me [C7]down I pray, Oh, pretty [Am]baby, now that I've [Dm]found you stay, And let me [Gm7]love you, baby, let me [Bbm6]love you. {title:Can't Take My Eyes Off You (F)} {artist:Frankie Valli} {author:高小歪} {define: Fmaj7 frets 5 5 0 0 fingers 2 3 0 0} {define: D7 frets 2 0 2 3 fingers 2 0 3 4}