{meta: 原调: 1=D} {meta: 选调: 1=C} {meta: Capo=2} [Dm]Who are those little [Am]girls in pain just [Gm]trapped in [Am]castle of [Dm]dark side of moon [Dm]Twelve of them shining [Am]bright in vain like [Gm]flowers that [Am]blossom just [Dm]once in years They're [Gm]dancing in the [C7]shadow like [Am]whispers of [Dm]love just [Gm]dreaming of [A]place where they're [Dm]free as dove They're [Gm]never been a[C]llowed to love [Am]in this cursed [Dm]cage It's [Gm]only the [Am]fairy tale [Dm]they believe {title:It's only the fairy tale} {artist:梶浦由记/宫村优子} {author:李骊歌}
海外 日本