{meta: 原调: 1=C} {meta: 选调: 1=C} {meta: Capo=0} {comment: 前奏 / 间奏} [C] [C] {start_of_tab} {end_of_tab} {comment: 节奏型} {rhythm: (14 ) (3 2) (4 1) (3 2) } {comment: 主歌 A} [C] You are my [C]sun-shine [C] my only [C]sun-shine [C] You make me [F]happy [F] When skies are [C]gray [C] You'll never [F]know dear [F] How much I [C]love you [C] So please don't [C]take my [G7]sun-shine a-[C]way {comment: 主歌 B} [C] The ot-her [C]night dear [C] When I lay [C]slee-ping [C] I dream-ed [C]I held [F] You in my [C]arms [C] When I awoke [F] dear [F] I was mis[C]taken [C] So I [C]hung wy [G7]head and I [C]cried {comment: 结尾} [C] Please don't [C]take my [G7]sun-shine a-[C]way [F] [C] {title:You Are My Sunshine} {artist:Bing Crosby} {author:Swirly&Wang}