{meta: Capo=3} The [C]light on your face How can I [Em]erase The [C]lines on your cheeks They grow so [Dm]slowly Oh [F]how can [Em]I be caught in [Am]such [Dm]misery I am the [F]moon you're my [Em]velvet blue[C]~ So [C]if you must hear I'll whisper to your [Em]ear And [C]if you must see I'll show you [Dm]gently I [F]know I'm [Em]not the sun but [Am]I'm always [Dm]here You'll [F]see that [Em]I'm always [C]near Don't [F]go I'll be your [C]friend Don't [F]let go It's almost [C]ending Please [F]say OK And I will [C]keep on protecting Your endless blooming My [F]love Save it all for [C]me If [C]there was a moment Where I can hold you close I would be so thankful even if we can't grow old {title:Blooming} {artist:窦靖童} {author:艹豕生}