[C]Last Christmas I [C]gave you my heart But the [Am]very next day, you [Am]gave it away [Dm]This year, to [Dm]save me from tears I'll [G]give it to someone [G]special ** [C] Once bitten and [C] twice shy [Am]I keep my distance but [Am]you still catch my [Dm]eye Tell me baby [Dm]Do you recognize me [G]Well, it's been a year, it [G]doesn't surprise me [C] Merry Christmas, I [C]wrapped it up and sent it [Am]With a note saying '[Am]I love you', I meant it [Dm]Now I know what a [Dm]fool I've been But if you [G]kiss me now, I know you'd [G]fool me again REPEAT**X2 [C] A crowded room and [C]friends with tired [Am]eyes I'm hiding from you [Am]and your soul of [Dm]ice My God, I thought you were [Dm]someone to rely on [G]Me, I guess I was a [G]shoulder to cry on A [C]face on a lover with a [C]fire in his heart A [Am]girl on a cover but you [Am]tore her apart [Dm]Maybe this year [Dm]Maybe this year I'll [G]give it to someone [G]special REPEAT**X2 And [D]last Christmas[D] [Bm] [Bm] And [Em]this year[Em] It won't be [A]anything like, [A]anything like REPEAT** {title:Last Christmas} {artist:Taylor Swift}