{meta: 原调: 1=B} {meta: 选调: 1=C} {meta: 降半音调弦} {comment: Intro} [C] [C] [G] [G] [Am] [Am] [F] [F] {comment: Rhythm(Swing)} {rhythm: d (o. (u)) (d. (u)) (o. (u)) } {comment: Verse A} Well [C]you done done me and you [C]bet I felt it, I [G]tried to be chill but you're so [G]hot that I melted. I [Am]fell right through the cr[Am]acks, now I'm [F]trying to get b[F]ack. Before the [C]cool done run out I'll be [C]given it my bestest, And [G]nothing's gonna stop me but di[G]vine intervention. I [Am]reckon, it's again my [Am]turn to [F]win some or [F]learn some. {comment: Chorus} But [C]I won't [C]hesi[G]tate no [G]more, No [Am]more, it [Am]cannot [F]wait, I'm [F]yours. {comment: Interlude} [C] [C] [G] [G] [Am] [Am] [F] [F] {comment: Verse B} [C] Well open up your [C]mind and see like [G]me, Open up your [G]plans and damn you're [Am]free. Look into your [Am]heart and you'll find [F]Love, love, [F]love, love. [C]Listen to the music of the [C]moment, people dan[G]ce and sing, We're just [G]one big fami[Am]ly, And it's our [Am]God-forsaken right to be [F]loved, loved, [F]loved, loved, [D7]loved. {comment: Chorus} So [C]I won't [C]hesi[G]tate no [G]more, No [Am]more, it [Am]cannot [F]wait, I'm [F]sure. There's no [C]need to [C]compli[G]cate, our [G]time is [Am]short. This [Am]is our [F]fate, I'm [F]yours. {comment: Bridge} [C]Doo do do you , [Em] but doo you do do do you [Am] But do you want to come on, [G] scooch on over c[F]loser, dear [F] And I will nibble your e[D7]ar {comment: Interlude} [C] [C] [G] [G] [Am] [Am] [F] [F] {comment: Verse C} I've been spending [C]way too long checking [C]my tongue in the mirror, And [G]bending over backwards just to [G]try to see it clearer. [Am]But my breath fogged up the [Am]glass, And so I [F]drew a new face and I [F]laughed. I [C]guess what I'm a saying’s there [C]ain't no better reason, To [G]rid yourself of vanity and [G]just go with the seasons. [Am]It’s what we aim [Am]to do, Our [F]name is our [F]virtue. {comment: Chorus and Repeating} But [C]I won't [C]hesi[G]tate no [G]more, No [Am]more, it [Am]cannot [F]wait, I'm [F]yours. {comment: Ending} [C] [C] [G] [G] [Am] [Am] [F] [F] {title:I'm Yours} {artist:Jason Mraz} {author:Eagle} {define: C frets 0 0 3 3 fingers 0 0 2 3} {define: D7 frets 2 0 2 0 fingers 1 0 2 0}
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