{meta: 原调: 1=Ab} {meta: 选调: 1=F} {meta: Capo=2} {comment: 前奏 / 间奏} F Am Gm C7 {meta: } {comment: 节奏型 } {rhythm: (1234 3) (12 3) (124 3) (12 3)} {rhythm: (3 ) (d u) (d u) (d u)} {comment: 主歌 A} [F]hold me close and hold me [Am]fast The magic spell you [Dm]cast [C]This is la vie en ro——se [Gm]When you kiss me heaven [C7]sighs And though I close my [Gm]eyes I see la vie en [C7]rose {comment: 主歌 B} [F]when you press me to you [Am]heart I'm in a world [Dm]apart A world where roses[Bb] bloom [Bbm]And when you speak angels sing from above [Gm]Everyday words seems to [Gm]turn into [C7]love songs[C7] [F]Give your heart and soul to [Am]me And life will always [Gm]be [C7]La vie en [F]rose {title:La vie en rose玫瑰人生} {artist:Edith Piaf} {author:梅子酱}