{meta: 原调: 1=D} {comment: 主歌 A} Thank you for the [D]cross, [E] [A]Lord Thank you for the [D]price [E]You [A]paid Bearing all my [Fm]sin and shame In [D]love You came And [Bm]gave amazing [E]grace {comment: 主歌 B} Thank you for this [D]love, [E] [A]Lord Thank you for the [D]nail [E]pierced [A]hands Washed me in Your [Fm]cleansing flow Now [D]all I [A]know Your [Bm]forgiveness and [E]embrace {comment: 副歌} {start_of_chorus} [A]Worthy is the [E]Lamb [Fm]Seated on the [D]throne [E]Crown You now with [Fm7]many [D]crowns You [Bm]reign [A]victori[E]ous [A]High and lifted [E]up [Fm]Jesus Son of [D]God The [E]Darling of [A]Heaven [Fm7]cruci[D]fied [E] Worthy is the [Bm]Lamb [A] [E] Worthy is the [Bm]Lamb [A] [E] {end_of_chorus} {comment: 譜曲有任何建議可以發送至david.huang80524@gmail.com} {comment: 我會再進行修正, 謝謝:)} {title:Worthy is the lamb} {artist:未知歌手} {author:David Huang}
David Huang