{meta: 原调: 1=G} {comment: Prelude / Interlude} {comment: Rhythm} {rhythm: (14 3) (2 1) (~ 3) (2 1) | (d u) (o u) (d u) (o u)} {comment: Verse A} I’m [G]loving [D]living [Em]every single [C]day But [G]sometimes [D]I feel [C]so [C] I [G]hope to [D]find a [Em]little peace of [C]mind And [G]I just [D]want to [C]know [C] {comment: Pre-Chorus} And [G]who can [D]heal those [Em]tiny broken [C]hearts And [C]what are [G]we to [D]be [C] [G]Where is [D]home on the [Em]milkyway of [C]stars I [G]dry my [D]eyes [C]again [C] {comment: Chorus} In my [G]dreams I am [D]not so [Em]far away from [C]home What am [G]I in a [D]world so [Em]far away from [C]home All my [G]life all the [D]time so [Em]far away from [C]home Without [G]you I will [D]be so [Em]far away from [C]home {title:Far away from home} {artist:Groove Coverage} {author:Eagle}
上海 徐汇区