{meta: 原调: 1=G} {meta: 选调: 1=G} {meta: Capo=2} {comment: chorus} Bless the [C]Lord Oh my [G]soul [D]oh my [Em]soul [C]Worship His [G]holy [Dsus4]name [D] Sing like [C]never be[Em]fore [C]Oh [D]my [Em]soul I’ll [C]worship Your [D]holy [C/G]name [G] [C/G] [G] [Em] {comment: verse A} The [C]sun comes [G]up, it’s a [D]new day [Em]dawning [C]It’s time to [G]sing Your [D]song [Em]again What[C]ever may [G]pass and what[D]ever lies be[Em]fore me [C] Let me be sin[G]ging when the [Dsus4]eve—[D]ning [G]comes {comment: verse B} You’re [C]rich in [G]love And You’re [D]slow to [Em]anger [C]Your name is [G]great And Your [D]heart is [Em]kind For [C]all Your [G]goodness I will [D]keep on [Em]singing [C] 10, 000 [G]Reasons for my [Dsus4]heart [D]to [G]find {comment: verse C} And on that day when my strength is failing The end draws near and my time has come Still, my soul will sing Your praise unending 10, 000 Years and then forever more {title:10,000 reason} {artist:Matt Redman} {author:沧雪瞳}
浙江 杭州