{meta: Key: F} {meta: Play: F} {meta: Tempo: 120} {comment: Intro} |[Bbsus2] |[C] |[Dm] | |[Bbsus2] |[C] bass..|[Dm] | |[Bbsus2] |[C] drum..| [Dm]Woah.....|Woah.....|Woah.....|Woah.....|[Bb]Woah.....|[C]Woah.....|[Dm]Woah.....| |[Dm]Woah.....|[Bb] Once upon a time |[C] not so long ago|[Dm] | | {comment: Verse 1} |[Dm]Tommy used to work on the |[Dmadd9]docks, | |[Dm]union's been on strike |[Dmadd9]He's down on his luck, it's | |[Bbsus2]tough, |[C] so |[Dm]tough | | |[Dm]Gina works the diner all |[Dmadd9]day | |[Dm]working for her man She |[Dmadd9]brings home her pay, for | |[Bbsus2]love, |[C] for|[Dm]love | She says, we've got to | {comment: pre-Chorus} {start_of_chorus} |[Bbsus2]hold [Csus4]on to |[C]what we've [Dm]got It| |[Bbsus2] doesn't make [Csus4]a difference if we |[C]make it or [Dm]not We've | |[Bbsus2]got each [Csus4]other and |that's a [Dm]lot for | |[Bbsus2]love |[Csus4]We'll give it a [C]shot| {end_of_chorus} {comment: Chorus} {start_of_chorus} |[Dm]Woah, [Bbsus2] we're |[Csus4]half way there | |[F]Woah, [Bbsus2] |[Csus4]livin' on a prayer | |[Dm]Take my [Bbsus2]hand, we'll |[Csus4]make it I swear | |[F]Woah, [Bbsus2] |[Csus4]livin' on a prayer | {end_of_chorus} |[Dm] | | {comment: Verse 2} |[Dm]Tommy's got his six-string in |[Dmadd9]hock Now | |[Dm]he's holding in |[Dmadd9]what he used to make it | |[Bbsus2]talk so tough |[C] it's |[Dm]tough | | |[Dm]Gina dreams of running a|[Dmadd9]way When she | |[Dm]cries in the night, Tommy |[Dmadd9]whispers Baby, it's | |[Bbsus2]okay, [C] some|[Dm]day | We've got to | {comment: repeat pre-chorus & Chorus} |[Bbmaj7]Livin' on a prayer...| {comment: Guitar Solo} |[Dm] [Bb] |[C] |[F] [Bb] |[C] | |[Dm] [Bb] |[C] |[F] [Bb] |[Bbmaj7] | Oh, we've got to | |[Bbsus2]hold [Csus4]on, |ready or [Dm]not You|[Bbsus2]live for the fight when it's |[Csus4]all that you've [C]got | {comment: Key : Ab} {comment: Chorus 2, repeat once} |[Fm]Woah, [Dbsus2] we're |[Ebsus4]half way [Eb]there |[Ab]Woah, [Dbsus2] |[Ebsus4]livin' on a [Eb]prayer | |[Fm]Take my [Dbsus2]hand, we'll |[Ebsus4]make it [Eb]swear |[Ab]Woah, [Dbsus2] |[Ebsus4]livin' on a [Eb]prayer | {comment: Ending} |[Dbmaj7]Livin' on a prayer...| {title:Living on a Prayer} {artist:Bon Jovi} {author:Tony Chow}
Tony Chow
香港 大埔区