{comment: 主歌A} [G] Another summer day[D/F#] Has come and gone away[Em] In Paris or Ro[Cadd9]me. But I wanna go [G]home .[D]...uhm[G] Home [G] May be surrounded by [D/F#] A million people I [Em] Still feel all al[D]one I Just wanna go [Cadd9]home Oh[D] I miss you[G], you know {comment: 副歌B} And I've been [Cadd9]keeping all the [D/F#]letters That I [Em7]wrote to you Each one a [Asus2]line or two I'm fine baby, [C]how are yo[D]u I would [C]send them but I [D]know that It's just not [Em]enough My words were [F]cold and flat And you deserve [D]more than that [G] Another aeroplane[D/F#] another sunny place [Em] I'm lucky I [D]know But I wanna go [Cadd9]home [D] I got to go [G]home [D]Let me go [G]ho-[D]m-[Em]e I'm just too [C]far from where you [D]are I wanna come [G]home [G] [D/F#] [Em] [C] [D] [G] {comment: 主歌A} And I [Cadd9]feel just like I'm [Dsus4]living Someone else's [Em]life It's like I just [Asus2]stepped outside When everything was [C]going righ[D]t And I [C]know just why You [D]could not come a[Em]long with me This was no[F]t your dream But you always [D]believed in me... [G] Another winter day[D/F#] Has come and gone away [Em] In either Paris or [D]Rome And I wanna go [Cadd9]home [D] Let me go [G]home {comment: 副歌B} [D]Let me go [C]ho-[D]m-[Em]e I've had my [C]run Baby I’m [D]done I gotta go [G]home [D]Let me go [C]ho-[D]m-[Em]e It'll all be [Cadd9]alright I'll be home [D]tonight I'm coming back [G]home {title:Home} {artist:Michael Buble} {author:左鹏}
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