{meta: 原调: 1=A} {meta: 选调: 1=G} {meta: Capo=2} {comment: 主歌 A} [G] Savior of my [Bm]soul 美好的救主 I confide[D7] in You,Through all my darkest [C]moments 患难时刻,你是随时的帮助 In [C]You I find my [D]peace 主你赐的平安 My [Bm]comfort when I [Em7]weak 胜过这世界 I [Am]trust in You, through storm and raging [D]sea 一生信靠你,不怕任何风浪 [G] Faithful,You`re my [Bm]God 信实的天父 You`re the [D7]glory and the lifter of my [C]head 看顾我心灵,使我能够得坚固 Your [C]light it fills my [D]days 你照亮我道路 It [Bm]leads me in Your [Em7]ways 引导我的脚步 [Am]Forever I surrender all to [D]You [D7] 我全部生命都愿顺服 And I [G]live to worship [Bm]You 我要永远敬拜你 My [Em7]Jesus You`re the [D7]only One for me 在我生命中,你永远是唯一 Nothing will [C]ever take Your [D]Place 没有人能够取代你 My precious [Bm]Savior [Em7] 我亲爱救主 [Am]Who can stand between my Lord and [D]me [D7] 有谁能够叫我与你分离 Lord I [G]live to honor [Bm]You 我要不住敬拜你 And I [Em7]long to bring my [D7]life an offering 愿你永远能,喜悦我的生命 Take me [C]higher [D] 求你满足 draw me [Bm]deeper [Em7] 我的渴慕 I [Am]give all to [D]be with [G]You 愿紧跟随我救主! {title:Be With you永远敬拜} {artist:未知歌手} {author:Cyzarine}
广东 潮州