{meta: 原调: 1=E} {meta: 选调: 1=C} {meta: Capo=4} I just need you [Dm7]stay. [G] here with [Cmaj7]me in the [Am]cold night To [Dm7]heal. [G] me in [F]a time I down Even [Dm7]just your voice [G]if it's [Em]you then all [Am]okay I just [Dm7]need your [G]presence I just need you to [Dm7]hug. [G] me with [Cmaj7]your deep voice around [Am]my ears To [Dm7]hold my [G]hands with a [Cmaj7]sound of your words To [Dm7]calm me [G]down when an [Cmaj7]anger starts to [Am]built I [Dm7]need your [G]presence A[Dm7]smile of [G]you appears in my head [Cmaj7]when the evening [Am]comes A [Dm7]melody of sad [G]and flowers [C]join them to tied I [Dm7]need [G]you like I [C]need my [Am]blue And when it [Dm7]strikes at 12 I [G]cry to [C]you I just need you to [Dm7]hum[G] for [Cmaj7]me while I'm [Am]asleep To say some things [Cmaj7]I had feel Then [Dm7]all your [G]voice be a [C]medicine to [Am]me I [Dm7]won't feel [G]dizzy if [C]you're here with me {title:ineedyou.} {artist:vietra} {author:HB0646}
湖北 十堰