{meta: 微信:173 5135 2215} {meta: 节拍 96 首唱 5 最高 3} {Comment:甲一}  那[D]天,  黄 [G]昏。  开始[F#m]飘 起 了 [Bm]白 雪。  忧[D]伤。  开满[A7]山 岗, 等[Bm]青 春 散 [F#m]场。  午[F#]夜 的 电 [Bm]影,  写满[G]古 老 的 [D]恋 情。  在[Em]黑暗中, 为[A7]年 轻 歌 [D]唱。 {Comment:甲二}  走[D]吧,  女 [G]孩,  去看[F#m]红 色  的[Bm]朝 霞。  带[D]上,  我的[A7]恋 歌, 你[Bm]迎 风 吟 [F#m]唱。 露水[F#]挂 在 发 [Bm]梢,  结满[G]透 明  的[D]惆 怅。  是[Em]我一生, 最[A7]初 的 迷 [D]惘。 {Comment:甲三}  当[D]岁月,  和[G]美丽  已成[F#m]风 尘 中的[Bm]叹 息。  你[D]感   伤的[A7]眼 里  有[Bm]旧 时 泪 [F#m]滴。 相信[F#]爱 的 年 [Bm]纪,  没能[G]唱 给 你的[D]歌 曲。  让[Em]我一生   [A7]常 常 追[D]忆。 {comment: A3*2} [G7]La la la la la [G7]la la la [F#m7]la [Fm7] [Em7]La la la la la [Em7]la [A7]la la [D]la {comment: B} [A7]I [Em7]had [A7]the [D]last [D7]waltz with [G7]you [Em7] [A7]Two lonely [A7]pe-[Em]ople [A7]to-[D]gether [D] [D]I [D7]fell in [G]love with [G]you The [Em7]last waltz should [A7]last for[D]ever {comment: C} It's all [G]over [G]now Nothing [Gm]left to [Gm]say Just my [D]tears and the [E]orchestra [Em]play-[A7]ing {comment: A1} [G7] I wondered should I [G7]go or should I [F#m7]stay [Fm7] [Em7] The band had only [Em7]one more [A]song to [D]play [D] And [G7]then I saw you out the [G7]corner of my [F#m7]eyes [Fm7] [Em7] A little girl a-[Em7]lone [A7]and so [D]shy {comment: B} {comment: C} {comment: A2} [G7] But the love we [G7] had was goin' [F#m7]strong [Fm7] [Em7]Through the good and bad [Em7]we'd get [A]a-[D]long [D] And [G7]then the flame of love [G7]died in your [F#m7]eye [Fm7] My [Em7]heart was broke in two when [Em7]you [A7]said good-[D]bye {Comment:甲三} {comment: A3*2} {title:恋恋风尘 & The Last Waltz} {artist:老狼、Engelbert Humperdinck} {author:舒聪}
江苏 扬州