{meta: 原调: 1=C} {meta: 选调: 1=D} {meta: 降全音调弦} {comment: 节奏型 (Swing)} {rhythm: d (d u) (~ u) (d u)} {comment: 前奏} [D] [G7] [D7] [Gm7] [E7] [G7] [A7] [D] [G7] {comment: 主歌} [D] It doesn't impress her that he's [G7]got the best [A7]ride [D] It doesn't impress her cuz she's [Gm7]seen all the [A7]lies [D] Independent, poised, [Gmaj7]elegant [A7]smile [Bm7] She is everything and [Gm7]more oh... [A7]Fighter by day, Lover by [A7]night [Am7]Ooh she's a Cinderella, [D7] But only on the outside [Bb7] Cuz once you find your way in[E7]side You will [Gm7]see she's just a [A7]gullible girl {comment: 副歌} She's awfully [D]swell She does everything [F#7]well She moves to the [Bm7]house on the dance floor While I'm [Am7]swingin' nine to [D7]four And she would go [Gmaj7]ah ah ah, While I go [F#m7]la la la la[Bm7] A sip of a [Em7]wine, there's plenty of [Gm7]time The pleasure is [A7]mine {comment: 副歌} She's so awfully [D]swell And she knows me so [F#7]well And she'd go [Bm7]singing on the sofa While I'm [Am7]strummin my gui[D7]tar I'm feelin some [Gmaj7]jazz tonight So turn out the [E7]lights Under the [Em7]stars there we will [Gm7]lie Our love goes [A7]sky high, [A7] There's our sweet lul[D]laby {comment: 尾奏} [D] [G7] [D7] [Gm7] [E7] [G7] [A7] [D] {title:Cinderella} {artist:林俊杰} {author:Eagle} {define: F#m7 frets 2 1 2 0 fingers 2 1 3 0} {define: F#7 frets 3 4 2 1 fingers 3 4 2 1 add: string 3 fret 1 finger 1 add: string 1 fret 1 finger 1 add: string 2 fret 1 finger 1}
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