{comment: Intro} D Bm Bm G D A {comment: } W: Only [D]You M: Can shake the mountains W: Only [Bm]You M: Can calm the oceans W: Only [G]You M: Can hold the heavens. All: In the [D]palm of your [A]hand. {comment: } M: Tell me [D]who W: Can look inside me M: Tell me [Bm]who W: Can purify me M: Tell me [G]who W: Still loves me deeply All: More than [D]I understan[A]d...only [G]You[A]. {comment: } [Bm]With a word You [Bm/A]spoke the [G]heavens into place[D/F#] S[Em]cattered the stars and [A]gave the earth it's [D]frame[D]. [D/C#] [Bm]What is man that [Bm/A]You should [G]touch him with Your [G]grace[D/F#]? And [Em]who am I, O [D/F#]God, that [G]You should know my [Asus]name[A]? {title:Only You} {artist:Craig Bidondo, Rob Bryceson, Tim Jones Joel Hendrickson} {author:higherpraise (Nic)}