{meta: 原调: 1=F} {meta: 选调: 1=F} {meta: Capo=2} {comment: 节奏型1: 主歌} {rhythm: w - - - | w - - - } {comment: 节奏型2: 副歌} {rhythm: d (d u )(~ u) d } {comment: 主歌 A} You are that [F]cherry on top | The [Am]apple of my eye You [Dm]had me at hello | And I'll [Bb]never say goodbye You're a [F]diamond in the rough | A [Am]needle in the hay The [Dm]moon in my night | The [Bb]sun in my day(节奏型2) {comment: 副歌} And [F]I~~ [Am]don't know [Dm]why[Bb]~ | I got [C]so~~ [C]lucky(扫弦3下) [F]Ooh[C]~~ lucky | [Dm]Ooh~~ [Bb]lucky (x2) {comment: 主歌 B} You are the [F]cream of the crop | The [Am]crackle and pop The [Dm]icing on the cake | The [Bb]smile on my face You're the [F]fish in the sea | The [Am]knees of the bees The [Dm]flame in my fire | [Bb]Stars in my sky {comment: 副歌} [F]I~~ [Am]don't know [Dm]why[Bb]~ | I got [C]so~~ [C]lucky [F]Ooh~~ [C]lucky | [Dm]Ooh~~ [Bb]lucky(x2) [F]Ooh~~ [C]lucky | [Dm]Ooh~~[Bb] {comment: 主歌 C} [Dm]↓↓↓↓ [Dm]I must have rolled one [Am]hell of a dice(扫弦8下) [Dm]↓↓↓↓ [Dm]To have you walking [Bb]into my [C]life(扫弦1下) Lucky [F]me [C]~ [Dm]~ [Bb]~ | Lucky [F]me [C]~ [Dm]~ [Bb]~ [F](口哨) [C]~ [Dm]~ [Bb]~ I'm lucky {comment: 副歌} And [F]I~~ [Am]don't know [Dm]why[Bb]~ | Honey [F]I~~ [Am]don't know [Dm]why[Bb]~ Listen [F]I~~ [Am]don't know [Dm]why[Bb]~ I got [C]so~~ [C]lucky[F] (扫弦一下) {end_of_chorus} {title:Lucky(香蕉版)} {artist:Lenka} {author:Ridiculous1221}