{meta: 原调: 1=D} {meta: 选调: 1=C} {meta: Capo=2} {comment: 节奏型★} {rhythm: (124 3) (2 3) (1 3) (2 3) (1 3) (2 3) (1 3) (2 3)} {comment: 节奏型☆} {rhythm: (124 3) (2 3) (1 3) (2 3)} {comment: 前奏★} [Am] [Fm] {comment: 主歌} [Am] Sometimes it's hard to define[F] [G] If falling stars are hiding in your eyes[C] [Am] Just watching you made me cry[F] Cause now I [G]know you'll never ever get off my mind[C] I never thought [Am]all those beautiful words can't des[F]cribe A little of your [G]kindness,a bit of your [C]light There's [Am]nothing I can't give up for your s[F]mile Whatever it [Fm]takes,I'll make it alright[C] {comment: 副歌} If [Am]you If [C]you Why the [Em]world is so big and I'm so small Wanted to give you [Am]more but I'm not that s[F]trong☆ If [Am]you If [C]you You are the [Em]one and only precious I care I see your eyes [Am]telling me there's nothing to [F]fear☆ I'm [F]right here Would you [Fm]see Would you [C]hear {title:If You英文版} {artist:十七翻唱} {author:金卷薯条}
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